International transportation of liquid cargo

Our company provides comprehensive services in transportation of liquid cargo in tank containers both by road and by sea on the DOOR to DOOR terms of delivery. We have our own tank containers available, that’s why we offer this service without intermediaries and with no extra cost to our client. We arrange transportation of liquid cargo from Europe, Finland to Russia, Belarus and in the opposite direction.

With the organization of transportation we completely undertake:

  • Accompanying customs documentation
  • Certificate of origin for the goods transported
  • Cargo insurance at all stages of transportation

We work with all types of liquid cargo:

Knowledge of the requirements of the Finnish chemical industry and years of experience allow us to quickly and easily organize the pickup of your cargo.

Oil products

Chemical substances

Food products

All our tanks are thoroughly cleaned at the best specialized tank washers in Russia and Europe. The cleanliness of the tank is necessarily confirmed by the appropriate certificate of cleaning, which you can view before loading your goods.

Advantages of tank containers:

A tank container is a type of tank for the transportation of bulk and liquid cargo, enclosed in a solid metal frame, which is made to the dimensions of the sea standard container, this makes tank containers reliable and highly intermodal.

  • Profitable: a tank container reduces the total transportation cost;
  • Capacious: a tank container can hold up to 25,400 liters;
  • Intermodal: the same tank can be transported by different types of transport;
  • Safe: a tank container provides increased safety during transportation;
  • Convenient: easy to load and unload goods, regardless of its consistency;
  • Economical: bulk cargoes are drained almost completely, without forming a residue;
  • Optimaaliset olosuhteet: a layer of insulation that keeps the desired temperature for a long time.

Our logistics brings together countries and continents

You can order international transportation and discuss all the details with Teamlogistics specialists by phone:
+358 44 257 52 50 or +358 50 574 64 88


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