Road transport

Road transportation from Teamlogistics is goods trucking of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

Air freights

Air transportation is the fastest way to deliver cargo. The systematic nature of air flight allows you to accurately plan the time of delivery of goods to the consignee.

Warehouse service

Warehouse logistics is an important component of cargo transportation, which allows you to optimize costs and timing of delivery. We have a competent warehouse logistics system that provides service of high level.

Customs documentation

All of goods transported across the border are subject to customs control. We provide documentation support for your cargo.

Tank containers

A tank container is a type of tank for the transportation of liquid cargo, enclosed in a solid metal frame, which is made to the dimensions of the sea standard container

Quality mark

All our tanks are thoroughly cleaned at the best specialized tank washers in Russia and Europe. The cleanliness of the tank is necessarily confirmed by the appropriate certificate of cleaning, which you can view before loading your goods.

In addition:

Ticket reservation

We quickly and conveniently book tickets for cargo transport on ferries between the ports of Estonia and Finland, Sweden and other European ports at any time 24 hours 7 days a week.

Warehouse service

Warehouse logistics is an important component of cargo transportation, which allows you to optimize costs and timing of delivery. We have a competent warehouse logistics system that provides service of high level.

Teamlogistics Oy is a reliable forwarder in Finland.

European logistics company, for ten years we have been providing a wide range of services in international transport, freight forwarding and customs clearance.

Teamlоgistics - we work for the result

Finland is the best possible location for the shipping goods in all directions.

Finland has an advantageous geographical position for foreign trade. This country is the most important transit area for cargo flows from Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

The location of our offices in the two largest ports of Finland - Vuosaari Helsinki and Kotka Hamina - allows us to provide the maximum range of services and be your reliable partner in South-East Finland.

Our logistics brings together countries and continents

You can order international transportation and discuss all the details with Teamlogistics specialists by phone:
+358 44 257 52 50 or +358 50 574 64 88

Our main task

Our main task task is to ensure a fast, optimal and reliable delivery of your cargo to the destination. Our team is ready to offer you competent and effective solutions with a tailored approach to each particular transportation.
We strive to ensure cost-effective and fast delivery of cargo so we use the advantages of different types of transport.

Teamlogistics - the optimal location for goods transportation in all directions - Finland, Russia, Europe.


Why do customers choose us?

Our offices are conveniently located near the main ports of Finland - Helsinki and Hamina/Kotka. Our head office is only 35 km from the Russia-Finland border. The Helsinki office is located next to the port area. This location allows us to quickly solve problems and saves time and money of our clients.

We are a client of the Finnish Customs and have our own customs guarantee. We have a deposit in the account of the Finnish customs, as well as our own customs seals, so we can:
- issue T-1 declarations for transit cargoes without arrival at the customs authorities;
- quickly make customs clearance of goods entering Finland from Russia, China, the United States and other countries.
We also have a personalized seal with permission from the customs to open the T2L form without arriving at the customs authorities. We represent the client in the customs authorities.
We solve all the issues that arise along the way of the cargo.

We serve our customers in the Russian, Finnish and English languages. We are familiar with the operational aspects with European, Asian and Russian partners, and we can solve the issues in accordance with the requirements of a particular country.

We do not use standard patterns for all our customers. Each request is equally reviewed and calculated carefully. We really try our best to offer our customers a good level of service and an affordable price.

You can always contact us for advice or other support, as long as you have any questions about the export / import clearance of goods, insurance, features of transportation and storage or any other issue related to the purchase of goods or cargo transportation.

Our forwarding liability is insured up to €200,000

We offer our clients fast and accurate paperwork, both for cargoes carried to / from the CIS countries, and for cargoes carried to / from Europe or Asia. You will not need to visit customs or other authorities. Moreover, if necessary, we can issue a certificate of origin for goods produced in Finland.

Our company has over 15 years of experience in the field of cargo transportation around the world with a wide variety of cargo types and with very different requirements for the procurement, transportation and storage.

We make every effort to select the optimal route for transporting your cargo and we can always justify a particular decision. You will always be informed where your cargo is and when it will arrive at one or another point of the route.


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Office Helsinki:

Komentosilta 1, office G341
00980 Helsinki, Finland

+358 (0) 44 257 52 50

Office Hamina:

Satamantie 4, office 1217
49460 Hamina, Finland

+358 (0) 50 574 64 88

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